Monday, April 09, 2012

Ops Day Out

The Employee Engagement Team (EET) were not just for simple events in Infinity. We also organized big events for the company. For big events, we normally start at least a month before the big day. Planning and conceptualization is the first on our list and then designation of task. 

Here are some of the events we handled during my stay in Infinity:

OPS DAY OUT -  a quarterly event in the company wherein we provide recognition to the most outstanding agents and employees. This is also our time for everyone to bond outside the company. Showcasing performances and a short program is also part of the event.

My first ever Ops Day Out in the company. I was also asked to host the said event. (ehem! Hehehe...) We held this event in Cafe A-Go-Go.

practicing our piece before the event

Team Barro's dance number

acoustic number of Team Allan

Team Ella's version of Jabbawockeez

hulasang host...hahaha...

the winner!

the newbies of the company ^^

INF Band

Ms. Chay singing Especially For You

some of the Employee Engagement Team

This is our version of a beauty pageant. EET decided to put some spice to this event. Instead of having Miss or Mister Infinity, we came up with Miss Masculados wherein the only qualified contestants are straight men. The twist is, this is a pageant for straight men in a girls dress. ^^ This was held in Eat My English 

yes, I'm the choreographer

while waiting for the program to start

Akala ko din choreographer ako. Akalain mong kasama ako sa Opening Number

the contestants

 feel na feel! singing my version of "Oo"

 my band mates in INF Band

I miss our duets na Jules

 our food

the people of the company

of course 'di mawawala ang Happy Hour

Tiring but we ended the event with smiles on our faces. Success indeed! 


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

siguro magaling kang choreographer...

iamjessiegarcia said...

sa choreography mukhang kinakalawang na ako. hahaha... i'm more of the dancer kesa choreographer eh.


nice! gusto ko ung happy hour ! un lng habol ko pag mey gnyang event

iamjessiegarcia said...

hahaha... lahat naman ata yan ang habol. enjoy lang ng enjoy ^^


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