Thursday, August 30, 2012

Staycation ala Amadeo

I missed blogging!... It took me more than a month to create a new entry. Tsk…tsk…

Well, I just wanna share my staycation in one of my friend’s house in Cavite. That was an unplanned trip which made me more excited. Aside from having a short staycation, I got excited since that will be my first time to witness the barrio fiesta ala Amadeo.

July 25th after our shift we went right away to their place. It took us more than 2 hours of travel time.

I promised myself that since this a short staycation, I’ll forget first my diet. Plus the fact that was a barrio fiesta, it means a lot of food will be served. Bwahahaha…

The following day, everyone in the family (except my friend… LOL) was busy preparing the food. They were expecting a lot of visitors. We waited until 3PM for the “Karakol” to start.

Karakol – Philippine street dance. It is being held during town and barangay fiestas in Cavite and most rural areas in here in the Philippines. This tradition started back from the Spanish Colonial Period and still being practice up to the present. 

Surprisingly, it did not rain on that day. It was a trend that rain will always be part of the celebration that’s why people who would want to participate in karakol would just wear their comfi shorts.

I’m into street dancing but Karakol is a different thing. We had 5 mobiles with big speakers playing non-stop folk songs. 
My friend and I had fun dancing and goofing around. Hehehe…
The fun did not stop there. The following day, we decided to wake up before sunrise for an early morning jog. To top it all, I was able to see Balite falls. Yahoo! 

The falls is small but it offers visitors a nice area to swim. It looks interesting because of a deep tub or pool that adults could enjoy and a shallow section that can be enjoyed by kids. Locals have put up a few huts around the waterway for visitors who would like to have picnic of sorts. 

I will definitely go back to this place…. Hopefully with our other friends (Alpha G and Alpha OT). I love the serenity that I felt during my stay.

Thanks to my dear friend for sharing this experience with me… ^^


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