Friday, December 28, 2012

Year End Party 2012

OMG! It took me almost a quarter to put up another post for my blog (yikes!) That's how busy I am nowadays specially this quarter of the year. I still have a pending post about my El Nido trip with Eskapaderas but I think that will be posted by next year. (bwahahaha... tamad lang talaga)

Let me start of with our company’s last activity, The Year End Party 2012 in the theme of Modern Victorian Soiree. When I first heard about it, the only thing that I said was “do what now?” Instantly what I worried about was the dress that I needed to wear for the event. (Gosh, san naman ako kukuha nun?)

It is also the company’s culture to come up with presentations per group and to my surprise we got The Phantom of the Opera. I was like “what the hell am I going to do with that”. Honestly, I don’t have any idea about the said play. They asked me to come up with the choreography for the masquerade scene of the play. Apparently, aside from the choreography, I got the lead role – Christine Daae. (Imagine the pressure of teaching my colleagues and worrying about my role. Ay naman!) But as what I always say, I’m not a quitter. I challenged myself even more and putting a lot of pressure on myself too so I could deliver.

The said event was held in Dusit Thani Manila, one of the our clients in the company. Our Department (Quality Assurance) decided to reserve a room so we have a place to fix ourselves before the event and a place to rest after the tiring party. 

So now let me share some photos of the said event. 

The Preparation
The Girls
The Boys
                There were 3 presentations that night - Supreme Ground Breakers, Up Beat and Support Team. 

Supreme Ground Breakers - "ADONIS"
We also love taking pics… So more picture more fun. LOL

The Quality Assurance Team

my pics with some of my friends

Now I’m wondering what kind of theme are we going to have by next year… (sana mas relax lang… :P)


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