Monday, March 07, 2011

The 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

March 5, 2011 - First time that I watched the Pyromusical Competition held in MOA. Together with my beloved friends, we watched the lovely fireworks by the bay. Though it was raining that time, it didn't stop us from watching the event.

We arrived around 4PM to save seats. Took some pictures of the sea and sunset. Had a nice conversation and laugh trip with them. The event didn't start right away due to the rain. We had to wait a couple of minutes more. Honestly, we are not even sure if that will push through or not.

Japan started the competition. I enjoyed their show as it showcased a colorful presentation. Creative with the smileys and different color of fireworks presented. For me, never a dull moment while watching it. My favorites part was when they played the song "I see trees are green... Red roses too... I see them blue for me and you... And I think to myself... What a wonderful world".

Canada came in next, it was a like a gloomy presentation. The exhibition of fireworks didn't look good either due to the smoke that was covering them. It was a short presentation too. The song that they chose was kinda classy. It didn't catch our attention as an audience.

For me, the winner that night would be Japan since they were able to manage my expectation as a viewer. Now I'm thinking if I will watch the last presentation on March 12, 2011... Let's wait and see...


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