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Nagsasa Cove via Mt. Nagsasa (Day 2 - May 27, 2012)

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I really had a very good sleep. I was really recharged when I woke up the following day so why not start the day  with an early photo shoot. Ay naman! hehehe...

After a very quick breakfast, we started to fix our things so we could leave the place and transfer to Camara Island.  We didn’t leave the place just like that. Of course photo op was next on our list.

We had our last glance of the place. A lot of fun memories...

It took us 45 minutes to transfer to Camara Island. The sceneries were great. The only irritating part was the noisy boat machine that disabled our hearing organ for a short while (hahaha…) but other than that, the boating experience was fun. Photo op was still part of the ride. ^^

Talking about the scenery... Check this out:

I really this shot, in fairness may silbi ang kunyari kong camera

I really love the cloud formation

Credits to Pats (astig ng shot na toh)

When we reached Camara Island it was so freakin' HOT that I failed to take my own picture of the great scenery from the shore. We went to Kuya Joey's house so we could have a decent shower and lunch. That was also the best part of the trip, to get to know the people around you. We goofed around and had our chit chat session. 

Souvenir pic sa totoong camera ni Pats
Before ending our trip, we passed by Coffee Shop's Rooftop Hotel. We wanna try their big tacos. (Umay to the nth level lang ito. hahaha...) 

12 PEOPLE... ONE GOAL... TO HAVE FUN! The trip and all the challenging part of the trekking was all worth it. It will not be as fun as exciting as it was if not with the people I'm with in those 2 nights and 2 days that we were together. I know that was not the first and the last for the group... that was just the start. Until next time Nagsasa Peeps ^^

For those who are interested to do the same trip you can contact the following:
  • Kuya Joey (place in Camara) - 9174628765 
  • Boatman - 9078062327
  • Kuya William (driver to Cawag) - 9296412088
  • Kuya Joseph (our guide) - 9083386469
  • Chieftain Jimmy - 9219543215
Nagsasa Cove Expenses

PS. Wait! There's more... the bloopers and the story of my long lost husband and son with the kapitbahay on the side will come soon. Stay tuned! ^^

2 comments: said...

hahaha... nice! i can't wait for the side story to come out. :))

Tina Ryan said...

The island is really beautiful, Love your pictures. And you don't have to spend to much to enjoy all of that.. Simply awesome...


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