Friday, August 13, 2010

Blabbering (Tapuakan Falls)

if my shoes could only speak, my white chucks would've cursed me....LOL. but i bet, he'll forgive me since we were able to travel to this paradise. :) i love travelling... and i wish to travel the world. hope my chucks could be with me so they can also how wonderful God's creation is.... hmmm.... where will be my next destination???? :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

a sweet moment with a very good friend of mine on twitter.... my babe (regz) :) i miss hanging out with her and our "my dearest". though we seldom see each other but the friendship still remains. i'm just so lucky to have friends like them. they taught me to express myself. they helped me discover a side of me that i didn't know i have.

i miss the days were it's just simple and all we have to be mindful of were our professors, projects, productions numbers, assignments.... now it's different. we are talking about work, family and personal problems. we already matured but yet, we are still the simple college girls in the mass comm building of PUP trying to reach our dreams.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


i really love chucks.i'm actually planning to start my collection. my interest started when i was in high school but since i came from a poor family buying a pair was not an option that time. i promised myself that i'll have my pair of chucks as soon as i get my first pay. that didn't happen since i need to send my brother to college and buying my stuff was my last priority. i had to save to get my first pair of chucks.


im just new here... just want to post my journey in in anything under the sun. just want to share my thoughts, opinions, interests, challenges and  simple pleasures...


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