Friday, October 05, 2012

Missing my First Love

They say that first love never dies. I guess this also applies to me. Well, don’t think of something else. This has nothing to do with the matters of the heart ('coz that won’t be applicable. Hehehe…) I’m actually talking about dancing.

I may be indulging myself with trekking/ mountaineering and fun runs nowadays but I still want to go back to dancing. Performing on stage through dancing makes me feel that I own the world.

From school performances to barangay dance competitions to parties to company performances to inter-company dance contest - I joined all of them and tried different genres.

Just wanna share with you some videos of my previous dance performances with my beloved friends. 

Ventus All Starz' Opening Performance in (Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza)

Ventus All Starz' version of Igiling-Giling

Opening Number in ePLDT Christmas Party 2008 (Silver City)

Ventus All Starz was a dance group formed by different representatives per site of ePLDT Ventus (known as SPI Global now). They were also my first dance group in the company

Jupiter's Rendition of OPM Rock (ePLDT Christmas Party 2008)

Edited Video of Our Special Number in PLDT Idols

Aside from the Ventus All Starz that time, I also joined the Jupiter Dance group to compete with other Ventus sites. The group did not consist of dancers. We have representatives from Supervisors, QA and agents. Luckily got the 3rd prize. ^^

My last dance competition in ePLDT Ventus (January 2010)

Hayst... Just so many tiring and fun memories. Hope one day I'll be able to share the same stage again with them... ^^



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