Monday, March 19, 2012

Run United 1 Results Analysis 2012

Why run?
Are you switching from dancing to running?
What satisfaction do you get from running?

These are just a few questions I got recently. The closest people around me knew that my first love is DANCING. I don’t want to put any limits on what I can do so I decided to try running.  I enjoyed my first attempt when I joined Grace to the Finish in Alabang. That’s when I thought of continuing with my new found interest – to RUN.

Why run? This is good for our bones. When just sitting all day long, at the office, in the car, in front of the TV, we allow our bones to grow weaker. But if you run regularly, they meet resistance, which will lead to stronger bones. Running is for the heart. Training your heart and strengthening your cardiovascular system will lower your pulse while resting and sleeping; therefore also make you more fit to handle stress.

Dancing will always be my first ever love. I just want to try and explore that is why I decided to run. I’m running not to compete. I run to finish the race. It’s a fulfillment every time I beat my own record/goal.

Sharing my last Run United 1 result:

For the Run United 2 for this year, I will go for the 10K. Gonna post my new record middle of this year. ^^

See y'all in the FINISH line. 

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