Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Date with Babe

A friendship that will last FOREVER! ^^

Lady Regina Diaz – I call her babe (I dunno panu nagstart and endearment na ito). We’ve been friends since college. Part kami ng isang malaking barkadahan (MY DEAREST). Sa tagal naming magkaibigan, never pa kaming nag-away. Isa rin sya sa mga nalalabasan ko ng lahat ng hinanakit at sama ng loob ko. From my first real heartbreak, up to the most recent one nasabi ko sa kanya. 

I think we were really destined to meet one fine afternoon in Ayala MRT station. It’s sad to know that you just heard sad stories from me that time. As much as I want to give you smiles on my face, I wasn’t able to hide the pain that I had inside of me (Siguro kasi alam kong maiintindihan mo ako).

I started to melt when I saw you crying (crying because of me). I was digesting everything that you said. Then I remembered this email that you sent me a couple of years ago:

People may come and go to my life but I know for sure that you’re one of those who will choose to stay. THANK YOU for the gift of friendship. THANK YOU for all the love and support. THANK YOU for coming into my life. Cheers! ^^

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