Friday, January 04, 2013

Goals for 2013

I still cannot believe that it is already 2013. Time flies so fast. ^^ So let me share with you my plans for this year.

SAVE. I’m planning to save more this year and to also get another mean to earn money. The more money that I could save, the lesser the time that I need to wait to have the renovation of my new house. (I CAN DO THIS!)

HEALTHY LIVING. I want to be able to run 21K starting this year (to be more fit and to get medals. HAHAHA!). To be able to achieve the 21K, I’m planning to run at least 3x a week. I will also continue my “no rice” diet except on my “cheat days” (CHEAT DAY is a must kaya walang basagan ng trip. ^^)

CLIMBS. I had several minor climbs last year. Hopefully I will be able to conquer major climbs this year. Mt. Pulag is one on my list. Hope to save for my mountaineering gears too.

DESTINATIONS. I still wanna explore our country. My friends and I will be invading Mindanao soon (egzoited na ako!). I also would like to have an out of town vacation with my family this year. (sana matupad ko since ako lang solong financer for sure.) Out of the country trips are also on my list (dapat matatakan ang passport ko bago mag-expire)

PERSONAL. I started last year with “don’t dwell much on things” and now “more positive more fun” ang peg ko this year. I just wanna make this a lighter year for me pa ra naman di ako haggard looking. Who knows, I will finally meet “him” this year. 

CHARITY. Hope I will be able to do more charity works this year. Sharing is not only about the moolah that you could give but also the time and love that you could share to others. 


anney said...

Wishing you a prosperous 2013!

Gladys Serafines said...

Apir with the goals!

havey na havey mo yan, kaw pa, blessings will overflow! hugs!

iamjessiegarcia said...

Thanks guys! I'm claiming that this is gonna be my year ^^


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