Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Away We Happened (Episode 3)

Last week on Away We Happened:

Jean will have a job interview but the address was changed so she had to call Daniel to get the address that she wrote in her notebook. Unfortunately, the bag has a combination.  They had to exchange combinations so she could get what she needed. Had their short chit chat on what they really do for a living. 

Jean didn’t realize that her friend was actually listening to her conversation with Daniel. Her room mate was really convincing her to share what was really going on with her and Daniel. Jean had to admit that she was actually ready to meet up with her ex boyfriend Jeremy. She got very emotional and wrote him a letter which happened to be in her bag (which was with Daniel).

Watch Episode 3 below:

What should Daniel say when he meets Jean?
What should he bring her? 

To be continued...

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