Monday, September 02, 2013

Read Read and Read

I grew up watching TV most of the time reason why I learn fast in visuals. The only books that I got before were textbooks provided by our school. If not the textbooks, I got the books of Bob Ong. I rarely appreciate an english book. Other than that I don't have anything to read before. 

I never saw myself spending much of my time just reading. I used to get bored doing it. Now things have changed. I have read a couple of book series that I never thought I would be able to finish. Hahaha...

It started of with "Fifthy Shades of Grey". Reading the first 7 chapters of the book was fine but when I got into the 8th chapter, I stopped reading the book. This is not because I'm being "manang" but it was the description of some scenes that I was not able to digest at first. A lot of my friends encouraged me read it again. They advised me not to look at the acts itself but the characters and stories behind the act. That made me finish the book up to the last installment.

After the popular Christian Grey, another book series got me hooked again. It was the "Hush Hush" book series. I also fell in love with Patch's character as a fallen angel. I got hooked because of the twist and turns of his love story with Nora Grey who happened to be a human. 

Now I'm reading the first book of the "Mortal Instruments" which is the "City of Bones". These are my next in line:

Though most of the things that I read are fictional I can still say that this is already a big improvement on my part. At least now I can read and finish a whole story unlike before. Hihihi...

"Books are a uniquely portable magic"  - Stephen King

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